Specialist in Agility and IS Quality

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[ digital transformation is at the heart of our leaders concerns ].

User satisfaction has become non-negotiable!

Is there a company in the world today - or even an administration - that is not directly concerned by the Quality of its Information System (IS)?

Our Training courses

Our training courses provide high added value to IT professionals in the field of quality. Structured testing process, preparation for MadaSTQB/ISTQB® certifications, Agility methods (Transformation, Scrum, Kanban, Lean, ...).

Our advices

We help you perform better and reduce the exorbitant cost of NON-QUALITY through the integration of Agile and the implementation of a Structured Testing Process.

Our Testing Factory in Madagascar

Maximise your testing capacity at lower cost, by integrating our highly trained and certified MadaSTQB/ISTQB® remote team into your workflow.

Our Dev Factory in Madagascar

Are you familiar with the "Software Craftmanship" movement?
We practice it every day.
We develop the solution to your problem by putting Quality at the heart of our concerns.


Chez LAYTIKA la capacité à écrire du code est ce qui a le moins de valeur !

Le plus important pour nous c’est la créativité. La capacité à développer de manière empirique, avec agilité.

A créer LA solution pour les utilisateurs.


Work isn’t somewhere you go, it’s something you do.
– Daniel Ek (Spotify) –

The strategic advantages offered by Madagascar : a small time difference with Europe, qualified and certified resources, the fastest internet connection in Africa and, above all, highly competitive costs.

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