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We have fully entered the digital revolution.

It is the quality of the Product/Service we provide that is central, at a time when the end User/Customer can no longer tolerate imperfections that are extremely expensive to correct after the fact.

Why choose Laytika?

Access the 4 essential offers for the success of your IT projects.

Training courses

Our training courses provide high added value to IT professionals in the field of quality. Structured testing process, preparation for MadaSTQB/ISTQB® certifications, Agility and methods (Transformation, Scrum, Kanban, Lean, ...).


We help you perform better and reduce the exorbitant cost of NON-QUALITY through the integration of Agile and the implementation of a Structured Testing Process.

Testing Factory Madagascar

Maximise your testing capacity at lower cost, by integrating our highly trained and certified MadaSTQB/ISTQB® remote team into your workflow.

Dev Factory Madagascar

Are you familiar with the "Software Craftmanship" movement?
We practice it every day.
We develop the solution to your problem by putting Quality at the heart of our concerns.

We take care of your IS* so you can focus on your business

We deliver real results, focusing on strategic decisions and practical actions tailored to the unique reality of our clients.

Digitise, while keeping people at the heart of your business processes!

We support you in :

* Information System (the bridge between technology and the user)

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We advise you on your most critical issues and opportunities.