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How can you link your software development qualification policy to the performance of your company?

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LAYTIKA CONSEIL helps you to be more efficient and to reimburse the exorbitant cost of NON-QUALITY through your Agile transformation and the implementation of a Structured Test Process.

PDCA (plan–do–check–act) cycle - four-step management and business method draw by manager.


The quality of a system is strongly influenced by the quality of the process used to develop the software. We assess the maturity of your practices and suggest areas for continuous improvement based on your initial level of achievement of your objectives.


The enterprise is a complex socio-technical system. The company is a complex system made up of humans (conversation and communication) and technological systems in constant interaction. We help you to facilitate this change.


Quality never happens by chance. It is the consequence of the good practices we bring to you. The structured testing process is a framework in which software testing is performed using the best standards, methods, procedures and tools.


We help you implement RE principles to add value in the development and evolution process of your systems to reduce the risk of developing the wrong system, to have a better understanding of the problem and to have the prerequisites to test the system.

We advise you on your most critical issues and opportunities.